Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar

FINALLY .. Common sense prevailed in India. Am so hoping the path to progress and the possibility of India being a real superpower is finally underway.  The progress begins with one word .. thought .. and this thought if even fulfilled by a certain percentage, I will be happy.
India with all the brains, the natural resources and the man power had absolutely stalled in the face of blatant corruption. 60 years of misrule .. false ideologies and no accountability for whatever goes mentality. This has now paved way for some semblance of hope.

I join the rest of the Indians to congratulate Mr Modi on a fantastic victory. I did my part by traveling to Mangalore to vote for Modi. I did not even know the name of the candidate in my constituency. This was nothing but a Modi tsunami. For all those who still pretend it is not so .. well .. get a grip on reality.